Margaret Olley Art Centre

Margaret Olley Art Centre

The Margaret Olley Art Centre (MOAC) is the third and final stage of the Tweed Regional Gallery.

MOAC celebrates the career, life and legacy of its namesake, Margaret Olley – Australia’s most celebrated painter of still life and interiors.

MOAC combines exhibitions of paintings and objects, an interactive multi-media drawing activity, research library and education workshop, and is complemented by the Nancy Fairfax Artist-in-Residence studio.

Central to MOAC is the recreation of areas of Olley’s famous home studio, principally the Hat Factory and the Yellow Room.

The recreation features original architectural elements such as windows and doors, relocated from Olley’s home studio at 48 Duxford Street, Paddington, Sydney. The interiors are filled with over 20,000 items Olley collected over many years as subject matter for her paintings.

These combined elements offer a rich and dynamic context for Olley’s extensive artistic career.

The home studio recreation is on permanent display while exhibitions of artworks in MOAC will change twice a year.

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The Olley Project

The Margaret Olley Art Trust is sponsoring the creation of a comprehensive database of Margaret Olley's exhibited works. The goal is to develop a growing database of this prolific artist's oeuvre and provide a publicly accessible record for research and provenance purposes.

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