Flowing Everywhere and Always: Lindy Lee

2 December 2022 - 26 February 2023

Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee
Moonlight Deities (detail) 2019–20
Installation view, Lindy Lee: Moon in a Dew Drop, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, 2020
mixed media
Image courtesy the artist and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney, © the artist, Photograph: Anna Kučera
Lindy Lee is represented by Sullivan + Strumpf

Lindy Lee (b.1954, Brisbane) is one of Australia's leading contemporary artists, whose practice explores her Chinese ancestry through Taoism and Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism – philosophies that see humanity and nature as inextricably linked.

Flowing Everywhere and Always meditates on the concept of nature in Lee's adopted home of the Northern Rivers. "It wasn't until moving to the Northern Rivers almost 8 years ago, that I finally felt as though I had arrived home. The majesty of this region proffers daily observation of the horizon - that mysterious liminal realm that exists between heaven and earth. A practice which has become paramount to my work, and also my life. Although I started out examining issues of identity and belonging, my practice has since expanded into the examination of one's place within the Cosmos - that inextricable matrix of being to which we all belong. When I invoke the rain and the fire in my work, I am calling forth this very profound connection of reciprocity and interdependence”.

Lee’s exhibition Flowing Everywhere and Always is on display from 2 December and includes a series of scrolls, ‘rain works’, sculptures, and a room-scale installation.