Madam Mystery - Anna Carey

31 May 2024 - 1 September 2024

Crystal Mystery - Anna Carey

Anna Carey
Crystal Mystery 2022
giclee print
edition of 6
89 x 104cm
Image courtesy the artist © The artist

Madam Mystery by regional artist Anna Carey presents a photographic series, started during the pandemic, that focusses on fictional psychic shops. Each photograph contains a constructed miniature model that creates an imaginary space where reality meets fantasy. The works explore notions of escapism and how we make sense of an unknown future. Carey invites viewers to escape into these invisible worlds, creating connections after unprecedent times.

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative. An outcome of the PLATFORM program.

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Gold Coast City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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