Softening the Eyes: Nadja Kabriel

3 December 2021 - 30 January 2022


Nadja Kabriel
Mint In Jar 2021
oil on board, 43 x 53cm
Courtesy of the artist

Softening the Eyes is artist Nadja Kabriel’s response to her surroundings and her place in them. For the artist, the process of oil painting is almost entirely visceral; painting removes the veils that prevent us from seeing. The inspiration for these works comes when Kabriel sees, in a new light, the objects that she normally walks (or drives) past unnoticed. By painting them from this new perspective, she returns herself to reality.

“As humans we are always trying to make sense of our place and deal with the truth of our mortal position in the world, so by softening my eyes and turning my attention inwards, my primary objective is to return the viewer to reality, to the present, to something that will make us feel connected and at home.”

Nadja Kabriel

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative. An outcome of the Community Access Exhibitions Program.