Precipice: The Edges of Things - Kat Shapiro Wood

19 April 2024 - 13 October 2024

Kat Shapiro Wood - untitled mine yours

Kat Shapiro Wood
Untitled (mine, yours) 2023
encaustic and gouache on board, ceramic
36 x 56 cm each (diptych)
Image courtesy the artist © The artist

Northern Rivers artist Kat Shapiro Wood traverses multiple disciplines in her practice with an intense exploration of materiality and its inherent qualities.

Through the materials of encaustic, ceramic, and plaster, the works in Precipice: The Edges of Things tease out relationships in the way the light travels over a form or the edges of a painting.

“Transitions, boundaries, meeting points and the charged dynamic of the threshold, that precipice where both potential and surrender are at play.”

Shapiro Wood’s sensory attention to colour, surfaces and their margins invoke an intimacy of bodily relationships, while the quietness of her works invites closer inspection.

A Tweed Regional Gallery initiative.

Kat Shapiro Wood is represented by Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney.

Precipice: The Edges of Things - Kat Shapiro Wood catalogue(PDF, 2MB)