In the Glow of Green - Clare Belfrage

4 August 2023 - 26 November 2023

Clare Belfrage

Clare Belfrage assisted by Liam Fleming puntying the form at JamFactory Glass Studio
Photo: Pippy Mount

In 2022 artist Clare Belfrage completed a residency in the Gallery's Nancy Fairfax Artist in Residence Studio (AIR) to undertake research and conceptual development for the creation of new work at home in her Adelaide hot glass studio.

"My residency on Bundjalung Country was a deeply immersive research period - filled with walking, writing, photographing, drawing, thinking, smelling, feeling, being. Every day I went to one of the nearby national parks including Springbrook NP, Border Ranges NP and Lamington NP, and I walked for hours - slowly, carefully, quietly.

The exhibition I am creating from this time will be a collection of studies expressed in small to medium-sized glass objects carrying my version of the patterns, rhythms and textures that I experienced. It was the detail of surface growths and coverings that I was drawn to, particularly moss, lichen and bark. I experienced these as part of the layering of time, the life, death and decay and re-generation that was ever present in the forests, my eyes and total being drenched in the glow of green."